Phil Libin: All Turtles’ 3 core beliefs

Phil Libin, All Turtles Cofounder and CEO, presented the company’s core beliefs to open the launch event of All Turtles Paris on June 20, 2108.

All Turtles believes:

  1. True brilliance is rare but evenly distributed throughout the world.
  2. Creativity is a process.
  3. If you tackle meaningful problems, scale will follow.

Elaborating on the first tenet, Libin explained why All Turtles is launching with international operations from the start: “We believe that real talent, really exceptional people, are very rare. But they’re everywhere in the world. They’re evenly distributed. The way the world is set up right now, if these brilliant people don’t [live within] 50 miles of Stanford, they don’t get anywhere close to a fair chance. And we think this is wasted potential. Because we believe this, All Turtles is born global.”

Watch video of the entire event.