All Turtles Paris Launch Event (full program)

To celebrate the launch of All Turtles Paris, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts gathered at Station F for a series of fireside chats. Edoardo Manitto, Managing Director of All Turtles Paris, welcomed the audience, “Thank you everyone for being here for the official launch of the Paris office, after we launched in San Francisco early last year and in Tokyo early this year,” and described the program to come: We’re going to meet with some of our product founders. They’re going to tell us their stories.”

Global thinking and storytelling were two themes of the night as founders presented their products, which reflected international perspectives and their passions for solving problems. The evening included a presentation by Phil Libin of All Turtles, onstage conversations with Augie Fabela of, Mursal Hedayat of Chatterbox, Dr. Julia Shaw of Spot, and Christine Foote of Leaders, as well as product demonstration by Alex Pachikov of Sunflower Labs.

Watch a playlist of the event’s proceedings.