Unscaled 2: Scaling the Truth

There’s been a big change in the way businesses are built: they no longer need to have sky-high valuations and thousands of employees before they can make an impact. “Scale” as we know it has run its course, leaving a wide-open pasture where startups can focus on building products that matter instead of getting big fast. What lessons should entrepreneurs take from this shift? And how does it influence how success should be measured today? Join Phil Libin, Hemant Taneja, and Ronda Scott to find out.

Show notes

Hemant Taneja’s book Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts are Creating the Economy of the Future (referral fees will be donated to charity)

Hemant Taneja, managing director at General Catalyst

Ronda Scott, marketing partner at General Catalyst


Scale has run its course (1:06)

Markers of scale breaking (1:50)

The problems of getting big (3:00)

Companies that made an impact before they got big (3:22)


How to have a broader impact (5:15)

The importance of renting (6:27)

Proctor and Gamble’s model (7:05)


The differences between consumer-facing goods and innovations in healthcare (8:50)

Where fintech fits in (9:55)

Digital goods like movies on Netflix (12:10)


How tailored products can be even when they come from small companies (12:58)

Is it bad news for the economy that companies don’t need to hire thousands of employees to make a big impact? (13:50)

The All Turtles model and hyper-focused product teams (14:44)

Employment during the restructuring of the economy (15:58)


Why businesses don’t have to build everything themselves (16:26)

We’ve moved from vertical integration to API integration (17:25)

Anyone can be an entrepreneur (18:10)


How should success be measured? (18:48)

Customer empathy (18:58)

No longer needed to get big before making an impact (20:24)


Feedback loop (20:30)

The best way to get bigger in scale (21:00)

Getting to truth first (22:30)


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