Sift: Climate change and mental health: All Turtles Podcast Ep. 66

Sift is a news therapy app that unpacks contentious topics so you can feel better equipped to keep up with the headlines. Within the app, swipe through cards on topics like immigration, gun regulation, and healthcare to learn about these issues at your own pace outside the news cycle. Today on the podcast, we’re giving you an audio taste of one of Sift’s topics—climate change—so you can hear what Sift is all about. We’ll walk you through the impact climate change is having on our mental health.

Show notes

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Dr. Thomas Doherty is a psychologist based in Portland, OR.

Dr. Lise Van Susteren is a psychiatrist and environmental activist in Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Kyle Whyte is a professor and environmental activist at Michigan State University.


In the episode:

Greta Thunberg speaking about global warming at the World Economic Forum.

The American Psychological Association’s report on growing climate concerns in the U.S.

Solastalgia is a term coined by environmental activist Glenn Albrecht to describe the mental or existential distress caused by environmental change.

Coverage of the report from the National Farm Medicine Center that the suicide rate for farmers in the Upper Midwest more than doubled the national average following a record drought in the U.S. in the 1980s.


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Correction: At 18:27, Kelly addresses Dr. Doherty as Dr. Whyte.