Building best practices for AI systems with Terah Lyons: All Turtles Podcast Ep. 65

Terah Lyons is the Executive Director of the Partnership on AI, a consortium that aims to establish best practices for AI systems and to educate the public about AI. They’re working to explore AI’s impact on the world, including on the labor market and the economy. Before this role, Terah worked in the office of the CTO for the Obama administration, but she asserts that public policy alone is not enough. Proactive attention and planning are needed to support economies of the future.

Show notes

Conversation with the Terah Lyons (0:50)

Terah Lyons worked in the office of the CTO for the Obama administration.

Terah is the founding Executive Director of the Partnership on AI

The Partnership on AI is working on an initiative focused on transparency in ML.


Listener question

From Ari via email: “In a recent podcast, a listener asked if there was ongoing research into algorithmic bias in AI. I thought this was an interesting example of biased AI in the incarceral system: Even in states working to eliminate the role of cash bail, such as New Jersey, a past Failure to Appear can mean the difference between confinement and freedom. In 2017, the state virtually abolished its cash bail system, but defendants are rated by a tool that uses nine factors to evaluate a person’s statistical ‘risk’ for failing to appear in court or being involved in ‘new criminal activity.’ In each of those categories, prior FTAs add significant ‘risk’ to a person’s score. What do you think of this?”


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