Tech solutions to intractable problems with Unreasonable Group: All Turtles Podcast Ep. 61

Unreasonable Group works with entrepreneurs who are offering solutions to seemingly intractable challenges. Today on the podcast, their Head of Creative Partnerships, Dave Smith, is talking about how they approach some of the world’s biggest problems. Their cohort of founders is tackling everything from clean energy to 3D scanning and big data for healthcare. And it’s emerging technology like AI that’s helping entrepreneurs develop these innovative new solutions.

Show notes

Conversation with Dave Smith (0:48)

Dave is the Head of Creative Partnerships at Unreasonable Group

Some of the companies in Unreasonable Group’s cohort include General Fusion, Andiamo, and Riversimple Movement

Phil tweeted about a hovering football speaker that was an example of a product he couldn’t desire any less. 


Listener question

From Surangkana via email: “I would like to know if your company is in the stock market yet? I am interested in investing in your company stocks.”


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