The All Turtles Podcast Episode 55: Accessible and inclusive product design with Micah Rivera

How can good design ensure that a product is as inclusive as possible? Micah Rivera, lead designer for the All Turtles product Spot, has extensive experience in accessible, inclusive product design. From the psychology of color to the use of body language in character illustrations, he draws from a range of tools that he’s eager to share. He emphasizes the importance of checking accessibility as you build a product, and he explains the visual metaphor of the hot air balloon in Spot.

Show notes

Conversation with Micah Rivera (1:02)

Micah is the lead designer for Spot, an AI reporting bot that makes it safer for employees to speak up about harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and makes it easier for HR to follow up, even on anonymous reports.

To develop the character illustrations, Micah worked closely with senior visual designer Carlos Rocafort IV.



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