The All Turtles Podcast Episode 54: AI’s exponential potential with Azeem Azhar

The exponentially increasing power of AI unleashes new advancements every day, but alongside those developments come new ethical questions about proper implementation. Azeem Azhar covers these technological evolutions in his newsletter Exponential View. By keeping his finger on the pulse of what AI is doing for us today (like improving gene sequencing and better predicting diseases in the IVF processes), he’s able to share the insights he’s gathered for businesses who want to avoid techlash.

Show notes

Conversation with Azeem Azhar (1:02)

Azeem Azhar pens the Exponential View newsletter.

Azeem’s podcast covers all kinds of AI- and tech-related topics.

Lemonade is a home and renters insurance company.


AI use case (25:20)

Autofill, location services, and when these services become creepy


Listener question (28:35)

From Niels via email: “What do you think is the potential of Federated Learning systems?”


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