The All Turtles Podcast Episode 53: Julian Guthrie on what needs to change in venture capital

Julian Guthrie’s new book Alpha Girls follows the stories of four women who became successful VCs in Silicon Valley firms where they were often the only women in the room. Julian is a former journalist and a New York Times bestselling author, but despite her extensive experience writing about successful people, the Alpha Girls’ stories surprised her. She describes the lessons learned from the women’s extraordinary accomplishments, and shares how VCs and entrepreneurs can apply them today.

Show notes

Conversation with Julian Guthrie (1:22)

Julian Guthrie is the author of Alpha Girls

Julian’s other books include The Billionaire and the Mechanic and How to Make a Spaceship


Eye roll, please (24:20)

Why “ignore the haters” is faulty advice for an entrepreneur.


Listener question (26:35)

From Niels via Twitter: “Why did you pick Paris over E.g. London or Berlin?”


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