The All Turtles Podcast Episode 51: Startup communication and outreach with Susan Gonzales

When Facebook moved into a Menlo Park space that was across the street from one of the lowest income areas of California, Susan Gonzales saw a potential for outreach, so she launched the company’s community engagement program. Her time at Facebook gave her some unique insights into the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. She now consults with startups on strategic communications, sharing her expertise on diversity-related issues.

Show notes

Susan Gonzales, Communications Coach (1:07)

Susan’s consulting services help her clients effectively communicate their messaging.

Facebook’s summer academy was designed to give low-income students professional learning opportunities.

Black in AI, Queer in AI, Latinx in AI, and Women in Machine Learning are all groups Susan wants to help amplify.


The All Turtles origin story (18:00)

Jon answers Susan’s question about how All Turtles came to be by telling the story of how the idea for All Turtles first gained traction.


AI use case (21:14)

Our first “Anti-AI use case”: the decision to not use AI in the new All Turtles product Sift, a news therapy app


Listener question (26:35)

From May via email: “Are there guidelines for technology adoption speed/tipping point? Do you consider this at all when investing? In other words, what % of the population needs to LOVE the product/service so that the other next influenced segment (a bigger audience) will adopt it?”

The Unscaled podcast series featured Hemant Taneja’s philosophy that you don’t need to scale in size first in order to have an impact.  


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