The All Turtles Podcast Episode 49: The Lambda School’s cofounder and CEO Austen Allred

Austen Allred is the cofounder and CEO of the Lambda School, a coding academy that provides free training for students to become software engineers and data scientists in exchange for a percentage of their income for two years. It’s a model that has moved people from low income to high income salaries. Austen talks through the school’s pedagogy, shares what students need to succeed in the program, and explains why one of the most valuable aspects of the school is the community.

Show notes


Conversation with Austen Allred (0:48)

The Lambda School provides free training for UX designers and data science in exchange for a percentage of their income for two years (0:56)

Austen gathered the stories from a long list of people whose lives have changed because of Lambda School, which he compiled in this Twitter thread

Articles from the New York Times and VentureBeat featuring the Lambda School

Kwame Yamgnane from 42 Silicon Valley on episode 27 of the All Turtles Podcast (4:58)

Sylvain Kalache from the Holberton School on episode 33 of the All Turtles Podcast (5:03)


Advice to entrepreneurs (21:17)

The good/fast/cheap triangle of product development (21:20)

Phil’s Rule of Three video on the topic of product development (21:25)


Listener question (26:20)

From Derek via Twitter: This is a question about the the personalization episode of the Unscaled series: Greater personalization will always be better, but the marginal benefit will keep going down. Bottom line, will 20mgs of x work? Yes, but if 15.52mgs will work, and reduce side effects or chances of dependency, I’d take that. What do you think?


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