The All Turtles Podcast Episode 47: Legal, policy, & diversity programming expert Bärí Williams

Bärí Williams is the VP of Legal, Policy, and Business Affairs at All Turtles. She has advice for small startups and founders who may not have in-house legal or policy experts on how to navigate things like privacy and contract organization. She also has experience developing diversity programs for companies like Facebook, and has lessons to share about creating and implementing similar programs. As she’s said, tech’s ethical problem is also a diversity problem.

Show notes


Conversation with Bärí Williams (0:49)

Bärí’s Twitter takedown of Ja Rule (2:46)

Bärí’s article “Tech’s ethical problem is also a diversity problem.” (3:47)

Facebook’s Supplier Diversity Program, which Bärí implemented (6:58)

What is Facebook doing to support the local communities around its offices?  (8:58)

Taking a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion (13:22)

Making products accessible to all (17:39)


AI use case (29:37)

Phil’s Amazon Echo now sets alarms for the correct part of the day without him having to specify every time (30:08)


Listener question (32:02)

This question comes in from JK via email: “Any plans to establish a base in London, UK?”


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