Startup Playbook: Pitching Investors

Developing a solid pitch takes work, but it’s a necessary process because building any kind of product requires funding. To get that money, you have to talk to people. Mursal Hedayat, cofounder of Chatterbox, knew she had a good product idea when she noticed that hardly any of the people solving problems for the refugee community were refugees themselves. But to convince others that her product deserved investment, she has had to perfect her pitch.

Show notes

Mursal Hedayat, cofounder and CEO Chatterbox (1:42)

Chatterbox is an online learning platform where people can learn skills from refugees, starting with language skills

Mursal was included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of social entrepreneurs

MIT Technology Review covered Mursal and Chatterbox in their Innovators Under 35 series

Conversation with Phil Libin, All Turtles CEO (11:53)

Phil’s video on how to pitch investors


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