Startup Playbook: Being a Good CEO

An organization’s leadership can make or break the success of the entire team. In entrepreneurship, a CEO has three main responsibilities: setting the vision, building the team, and ensuring that there is enough money to operate. But there is a lot more to managing success. Eugenia Kuyda is the CEO of Replika, an All Turtles product, and through her story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, she shares invaluable wisdom for developing a long-lasting leadership philosophy.

Show notes

Eugenia Kuyda, cofounder and CEO of Replika (1:42)

Replika, an All Turtles product, is an AI chatbot for mental health

The origins of Replika (article about Replika’s origin story)

Phil Libin’s video on how to be a good CEO

A graphic explaining the Japanese concept of ikigai, which loosely translates to “a reason for being”

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