SciFi-preneurship Episode 5: I, Robot

As technologists continue to build the future, what laws should govern the things they create? Ethical guidelines for technology are essential; Isaac Asmiov presented one version of what they may look like when he introduced the Three Laws of Robotics in his collection of short stories I, Robot. This work of science fiction inspired many, including the three guests on today’s episode: Emily Dean, Peter Eckersley, and Joe Betts-LaCroix.

Show notes

Intro with Phil Libin and Brittney Gallagher 

Brittney Gallagher hosts Digital Culture LA, a show about future science and technology. 


Conversation with Emily Dean

Emily is a writer and director whose 2018 film Andromeda portrays an android who gains sentience.


Conversation with Peter Eckersley

Peter is the Director of Research at the Partnership on AI.


Conversation with Joe Betts-LaCroix

Joe is the inventor of the world’s smallest computer, and his work in biophysics aims to optimize medical research priorities in the U.S.


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