SciFi-preneurship Episode 3: 1984

In 2019, we’re 35 years beyond 1984; at this current juncture, we can see just how predictive George Orwell’s novel turned out to be, and which dystopian elements we’ve managed to avoid (so far). This seminal work of science fiction provided a road map of exactly where not to go when building the future, and on today’s episode, Emily Dean and Dr. Christine Corbett Moran explain how it impacted the work they do today to shape the kind of future they want.

Show notes

Intro with Phil Libin and Brittney Gallagher 

Brittney Gallagher hosts Digital Culture LA, a show about future science and technology. 

1984 is a novel by George Orwell that depicts a dystopian future in which Big Brother monitors citizens’ every move in order to maintain government control.


Conversation with Dr. Christine Corbett Moran

Dr. Moran is a cybersecurity engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.


Conversation with Emily Dean

Emily is a writer and director whose 2018 film Andromeda portrays an android who gains sentience.


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