Human Stories of AI: Driven Out of a Job?

One of the most common questions about AI today is whether or not it will take over people’s jobs. This episode is about someone grappling with that quandary: He’s a truck driver anxious about whether self-driving trucks will displace jobs in the very near future. For someone who loves what he does, what does it mean for his industry to be on an inexorable march toward technological development if that progress could push his colleagues out of the driver’s seat?

Show Notes

Finn Murphy goes for a drive, and shares his thoughts on technology’s impact on trucking (1:08)


Finn’s truck is equipped with technology that monitors him on the job (2:42)


Steve Viscelli, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania who conducts research on the truck driving industry (8:55)


Finn has to look forward when driving on the road—and when thinking about the future of his industry (13:10)


Steve Viscelli’s report, “Driverless? Autonomous Trucks and the Future of the American Trucker” (21:58)


Read more of Finn Murphy’s stories in his book, The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road (25:35)


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