Bonus 8: The Darjeeling Limited

If targeted advertising is so bad, then why do we use it at All Turtles? That was the question that came up in a Twitter debate between Phil Libin, cofounder and CEO, and Jeremy Brand Yuan, who runs product marketing. Rather than stir up a social dust storm, they sit down for a pot of tea and make peace. Entrepreneurs looking to market test potential products and messages will learn the pros and cons of behavioral targeting, and how to keep their strategies on the up and up.

Show notes

Pouring tea with Jeremy Brand Yuan, Product Marketer at All Turtles (1:05)

Wistaria tea house (3:51)

Conversation about targeted ads (3:57)

Phil’s article about anger on social media and the attention economy

Spot, the All Turtles product that helps you report harassment and discrimination at work

Leaders, the All Turtles product that matches diverse and engaging speakers with event organizers to book speaking opportunities

How Target figured out a teen girl was pregnant before her father did (Forbes)

EdgeRank, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm

Inside Twitter’s struggle over what gets banned (New York Times)

Anger on social media (27:00)


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