All Turtles Podcast Episode 42: VR, computer vision, and deep learning with Adrian Kaehler

Virtual reality is a tremendously rich medium for creativity and new ideas, but we’re still waiting for the AR/VR revolution to make the waves it’s been projected to make. What can we expect from this field in the coming years? Adrian Kaehler is a researcher who’s worked in computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and with AR/VR software, and he has predictions. And, as the cofounder of the Silicon Valley Deep Learning Group, he knows what it takes to bring disparate technological groups together.

Show notes

Conversation with Adrian Kaehler (0:53)

The Silicon Valley Deep Learning Group (1:13)

Magic Leap’s main product is a head-mounted virtual retinal display (2:44)

The homebrew computer club was an early computer hobby group in Silicon Valley that met from the mid-70s to the mid-80s (3:17)

What do the non-technical folks bring to the table in SVDLG? (4:21)

What can we learn about VR in the wake of the failure of Google Glass? (12:20)

How can VR technology improve social interactions rather than impede them? (14:32)

Open CV Computer LIbrary (20:37)

Open 3D, a modern library for 3D processing (20:47)

CARLA, an open-source simulator for autonomous driving research (20:50)

OSVF, the Open Source Vision Foundation, has a mission to build a common foundation for all of these technologies to advance together (21:21)


AI use case (26:10)

When an AI-powered car nearly caused Jessica to miss her flight (26:15)


Listener question (30:18)

Via Twitter (@allturtlesco): In response to one of your articles that mentions algorithmic bias, is there research happening now on the effect of AI’s bias on people?


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