All Turtles Podcast Episode 40: Angel investor Jason Calacanis, part 2

Angel investor Jason Calacanis joins us for the second part of his two-part interview, continuing the conversation about what his early investments in companies like Uber and Robinhood taught about success. Now, he invests in bold ideas, and urges founders to focus on building products people love. Then, he, Jon, and Phil lament over everything that’s wrong with the elevator pitch, epitomized by Jason’s story of the time someone tried to pitch him while at a urinal.

Show notes

Conversation with Jason Calacanis, angel investor (0:43)

Your brand is your reputation (1:04)

Why intentionality matters (2:42)

Who is Michael Ovitz? (4:36)

Everything that’s wrong with an elevator pitch (6:04)

Why Launch is based in Australia (9:47)

The bold ideas Jason invests in (17:50)

Why are they called angel investors? (18:55)

Jason’s first business, Hot Tapes (19:50)

Jason’s mayoral plans (23:24)


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