All Turtles Podcast Episode 34: Livongo’s Glen Tullman & Dr. Jennifer Schneider

People with chronic conditions dedicate a great deal of cognitive overhead to monitoring their own health. Type 2 diabetes patients, for example, have to constantly think about when to eat, what type of exercise to do, and when to take medication. Livongo is a company that aims to change that. For patients with type 2 diabetes, Livongo takes their blood glucose levels and provides actionable recommendations based on that data. It’s another example of how AI and tech are revolutionizing healthcare.

Show notes

Conversation with Glen Tullman and Dr. Jennifer Schneider of Livongo (1:00)

Glen Tullman, CEO of Livongo (0:30)

Dr. Jennifer Schneider, Chief Medical Officer of Livongo (0:25)

All Turtles Podcast Season 1 episode 22 mentions Livongo as an example of a company that does personalization well (1:04)

Hemant Taneja’s book Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy (1:16)

Livongo’s products (2:48)

Livongo’s website (18:48)


Advice to entrepreneurs: How to pitch investors (19:00)

All Turtles’ video Rule of Three: How to pitch investors (19:44)

When pitching investors, be able to answer these questions: Why this, why you, and why now? (20:15)

The difference between pitching VCs versus pitching All Turtles (24:01)


Listener question (24:56)

From Jacob via the email: In the example of self-driving cars, how do we prevent the onboard sensors from being spoofed into thinking they’re on a safe country road, when they’re actually driving off a cliff into the ocean? Could blockchain help us keep these sensors and the software from being corrupted? If not, what makes it a bad fit? What are the emerging/existing technologies that would be a better fit?

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