All Turtles Podcast Episode 33: The Holberton School’s Sylvain Kalache

Where can someone learn how to become a software engineer? Computer science programs at universities usually focus more on theory than on what’s actually required to become an employable programmer—and then there’s the matter of cost. The Holberton School offers an alternative: a two-year training program for software engineers where there are no formal teachers or lectures, favoring project-based learning instead. It’s learning by doing, and it’s one of a new breed of schools reinventing education.

Show notes

Conversation with Sylvain Kalache, cofounder of the Holberton School (0:15)

Betty Holberton, one of the world’s first software engineers (0:53)

All Turtles Podcast episode 27 with Kwame Yamgnane from 42 Silicon Valley (2:22)

Xavier Niel, French businessman, founder of the Iliad telecom company (4:06)

John Dewey, philosopher and education reformer (4:19)

Slideshare, a hosting service for professional content owned by LinkedIn (4:33)

Julien Barbier, cofounder of the Holberton School with Sylvain (4:41)

What it takes to be a Holberton student: motivation and talent (7:44)

The Holberton School’s automated application process (12:54)

Holberton’s new campus in New Haven, Connecticut (15:58)

The payment plan: free for students until they find a job, then they pay 17% of their salary (18:21)

Other fields of study that could use this model (20:01)

Get in touch with the Holberton school at their website (21:00)

AI use case: buying ads from Facebook (21:30)

All Turtles Podcast Bonus Episode #8, in which Phil and Jeremy drank tea and talked about targeted ads (20:01)

A boosted post that we attempted to buy was blocked by Facebook (23:24)

The first ad purchase that Facebook did not approve:

Facebook’s explanation for why it was blocking our ads:

Our facial recognition video we were trying to promote (23:24)

The post with the Voynich manuscript picture:

The post with the cave people:

Listener question (28:51)

From Anthony: Can AI develop clothes for workers in Silicon Valley? Why do we wear shirts, pants, jackets, and ties? (29:13)

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