All Turtles Podcast Bonus Episode 5: Airplane!

Dylan Marriott is a cofounder of Spot, an All Turtles product, but during his free time, he’s a pilot. In this mini bonus episode, he talks to Phil Libin about the four lessons he’s learned from flying that are applicable to entrepreneurship. Both flying planes and launching companies require preparation, perspective, maximized optionality, and the ability to keep calm under pressure. Listeners, please prepare for takeoff.

Show notes

Conversation with Dylan Marriott, cofounder of Spot (0:30)

Spot, an AI chatbot that allows users to report workplace harassment and discrimination without talking to a human (0:24)

A video of Dylan flying a seaplane in Italy (0:50)

This is a photo of Phil Libin and Dylan Marriott in the recording studio.

Phil and Dylan taking off in the recording studio.

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