All Turtles Podcast Bonus Episode 2: Before Sunset

Another day in Paris, another day in Paradise. Our hosts speak with Christine Foote, cofounder and COO of Leaders, an All Turtles product that matches event organizers with speakers. Foote describes the challenges of broadening the pool of speakers to increase diversity and range of viewpoints, and expanding the types of events where speakers might appear. Part of All Turtles Paris and based at Station F, Leaders makes finding speakers with both expertise and availability seamless for event organizers.

Show notes

The launch of All Turtles Paris (1:10)

Conversation with Christine Foote, COO of Leaders (1:18)

Leaders matches people organizing events with speakers who are interested, qualified, and available (1:20)

Loic Le Meur, cofounder and CEO of Leaders (3:25)

LeWeb, the largest web conference in Europe, cofounded by Loic Le Meur (3:28)

The Color Factory (18:08)

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