Startup Playbook: Designing a Product

What does thoughtful and effective product design look like? Sift, a news therapy app, is a prime example—it manages to be both therapeutic and informative because of the thoughtful design choices of its creators. Chris Ploeg and Gabe Campodonico, Sifts cofounders, built this product as a response to the outrage- and anxiety-inducing news cycle, and in this episode they share the details of their design process from ideation to feedback collection.

Show Notes

Chris Ploeg and Gabe Campodonico, cofounders of Sift (2:22)

Sift is a news therapy app that unpacks contentious issues to help reduce headline-induced anxiety.

Sift’s Medium post explains their experimental approach to their launch.

TechCrunch’s article about Sift digs into the need for an app that covers the news in a way that is not designed to induce outrage.


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