All Turtles Podcast: Introducing Season 2

After a summer of bonus episodes and the release of our Unscaled series, we’re back for season 2 with a slate of exciting upcoming guests and fresh discussion segments. In this season 2 preview, hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, and Blaise Zerega announce some of the names of those who’ll be joining future recordings, from Max Levchin and Jason Calacanis to the cofounder of the Holberton School. They also answer a listener question that starts a discussion about how far extended metaphors should go.

Show notes

What we did this summer (0:40)

All eight episodes of the Unscaled Series are now available for streaming (0:48)

Season 1 episode 22 of the All Turtles podcast that featured Hemant Taneja (1:01)

Hemant’s book Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future (1:14)


Listener feedback (1:39)


Upcoming guests (2:50)

Sylvain Kalache, cofounder of the Holberton School, a project-based software engineering school (3:01)

42 Silicon Valley, a software engineering school without teachers or courses (3:08)

Season 1 episode 27 of the All Turtles Podcast featured the cofounder of 42 (3:11)

Max Levchin, and his company HVF, starting companies to solve hard problems (3:25)

Anita Sands, board member of Symantec (3:38)

Dennis Mortensen, CEO and founder (3:43)

Season 1 episode 32 of the All Turtles podcast features a discussion with Brittney Gallagher about science fiction and tech (4:18)


Our new voicemail for listeners to call in with questions is +1 (310) 571-8448. Leave us a message and we’ll play it on a future episode, and answer your question (5:45)


Listener question (6:10)

The Algorithmic Canaries episode of the Unscaled Series (6:14)

The Do Not Pass Go episode of the Unscaled Series (8:50)


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