Our AI future is happening right now. Robot overlords? Sci-fi utopias? Not quite. Forget the Hollywood myths and media hysteria about artificial intelligence. Small teams of people across the globe are using AI to solve important, everyday problems. Join hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, and Blaise Zerega as they explore this exciting frontier and discuss the people, ideas, and products changing the world through practical applications of AI.

Dec 12, 2018

All Turtles Podcast Episode 40: Angel investor Jason Calacanis, part 2

Angel investor Jason Calacanis joins us for the second part of his two-part interview, continuing the conversation about what his early investments…

Show Notes
  1. Dec 5, 2018

    All Turtles Podcast Episode 39: Angel investor Jason Calacanis, part 1

    Jason Calacanis, angel investor, joins us this week for part one of a two-part interview. As an early investor in companies like…

  2. Nov 28, 2018

    All Turtles Podcast Episode 38: Tech journalist Jacob Ward

    Jacob Ward is a tech journalist and Burggruen Fellow at Stanford; he’s writing a book about AI and behavioral science. In his…

  3. Nov 15, 2018

    Human Stories of AI: A Second Opinion

    Healthcare is a field that has, in many ways, already embraced AI—medical researchers seem to be developing new AI applications every day.…

  4. Nov 14, 2018

    Human Stories of AI: Driven Out of a Job?

    One of the most common questions about AI today is whether or not it will take over people’s jobs. This episode is…

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