At the intersection of AI and entrepreneurship are stories of people using technology to solve important problems. In this podcast, the All Turtles cofounders explore this exciting frontier and discuss the people, ideas, and products changing the world through practical applications of AI.

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Mar 20, 2019

Startup Playbook: Being a Good CEO

An organization’s leadership can make or break the success of the entire team. In entrepreneurship, a CEO has three main responsibilities: setting…

Show Notes
  1. Mar 13, 2019

    Startup Playbook: Hiring the Right People

    What’s the best way for a startup to compete with large companies when hiring top talent? How does someone reach outside their…

  2. Mar 6, 2019

    The All Turtles Podcast Episode 50: Product Taxonomy—How we classify product pitches

    At All Turtles, we build AI products, which means we needed a process for deciding which products to build. We came up…

  3. Feb 27, 2019

    The All Turtles Podcast Episode 49: The Lambda School’s cofounder and CEO Austen Allred

    Austen Allred is the cofounder and CEO of the Lambda School, a coding academy that provides free training for students to become…

  4. Feb 20, 2019

    The All Turtles Podcast Episode 48: AI and fake news with Renée DiResta

    When controversial headlines flood Twitter and Facebook, these rage machines disseminate disinformation. AI plays a role in perpetuating fake news, but it…

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