Startup Playbook Podcast Episode 7: Designing a Product

Any good startup or product team will be focused not just on putting new technology out into the world, but on solving a real problem. The problem that piqued the interest of Sift cofounders Chris Ploeg and Gabe Campodonico is newsworthy: 68% of people feel overwhelmed by the news.

News-induced anxiety is real. With the constant deluge of clickbait headlines and polarizing stories, if you’re trying to stay informed, how can you not feel overwhelmed?

Ploeg and Campodonico wanted to do something to change this, so they drew from their experience heading up the design team at Evernote, and, with the early support of All Turtles cofounder Phil Libin, they built Sift.

Sift is a news therapy app. It aims to alleviate the anxiety and stress that comes from reading today’s headlines by providing in-depth information on contentious issues in a calming, accessible format.

The way this product came to be is a prime example of how to thoughtfully think through product design, and how to execute it well. In this episode you’ll hear from Chris and Gabe about their design process, and you’ll learn why the concept of Sift was an early catalyst for pushing All Turtles into existence.

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