Startup Playbook Podcast Episode 2: Being a Good CEO

Any company’s fate will be determined by the quality of its leadership. Chief executives have the weighty responsibility of captaining an entire ship, whether it’s a small startup or a large corporation, and charting a course can be exceedingly difficult. That’s why it’s helpful to focus on the core aspects of what a CEO needs to do in order to be effective.

In entrepreneurship, particularly, a CEO has three main responsibilities: setting the vision, building the team, and ensuring that there is enough money to operate. These objectives are easier said than done.

In this episode of the Startup Playbook Podcast, we hear from Eugenia Kuyda, the CEO of Replika, an All Turtles product. Eugenia has led her team in overcoming taxing obstacles to get where they are today. In the beginning, when they didn’t have any money, Eugenia battled the personal distress of not knowing where Replika could go. Even during that time, though, she had the strength of a leader who put her team’s needs before her own. For instance, she would personally cook meals for her team to ensure they felt supported (and nourished!) in their growth.

Since then, Eugenia has overseen multiple shifts in the general direction of the product. When an initial boom in success—as measured by more than one million people on the waitlist to use what they had created—eventually plateaued, she did not allow the team to become complacent. Together, they figured out how to pivot into something that would benefit the lives of the people using their product.

In sharing her story of the genesis of Replika and her role at its helm, Eugenia provides invaluable wisdom for developing a long-lasting leadership philosophy. To hear her stories and her advice, tune into episode 2 of Startup Playbook, a new All Turtles Podcast series, on iTunes, SoundCloud, or wherever you get your podcasts.