Startup Playbook Podcast Episode 1: Hiring the Right People

Building a high quality product for a large number of people requires finding ridiculously high quality people from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds to do it. The process of assembling a strong team can be time-consuming and expensive, which are both precious resources to early startups. But those costs are long-term investments, because finding the best person for a particular role will pay dividends that contribute to your team’s lasting success.

That’s how Jeremy Vandehey, CEO of the All Turtles product Disco, views hiring. Through his experience in recruiting the people that now comprise Disco’s team, he’s gathered a wealth of knowledge in attracting talent efficiently and effectively.

For example, he’s learned that startups can compete with large companies when hiring top talent if they can successfully convey the value of working on a team that is driven toward achieving a meaningful goal. The result? The people on Jeremy’s team now are all motivated to work toward their common mission in building something meaningful—versus, say, an individual contributor at a large corporation being more focused on their career than the product they’re working on.

Sourcing diverse candidates outside of one’s own network can be another big challenge, especially for a startup. A common misstep is hiring your friends from college or otherwise limited social and professional circle. This means your team would wind up looking a lot like you, which is a terrible way to build a product for a large number of people. But Jeremy has solutions, such as working with recruiters. He’s found value in finding certain well-connected “nodes” who can be centers of gravity in attracting new candidates from a much larger pool.

The specifics of these methodologies—and the stories of how Jeremy learned these lessons—can all be heard in the first episode Startup Playbook, a new All Turtles Podcast series. Listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, or wherever you get your podcasts.