Meet the All Turtles Products

At All Turtles, we are on a mission to create meaningful products that solve real problems for as many people as possible all over the world. That’s why we have teams working all over the world—in Australia, England, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, the United States; with official AT offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris—and more cities coming soon.

This global-from-the-start way of thinking and working is critical to our DNA. It’s why you might see multiple languages on this site. But it’s also crucial to our structure, process, and rigor by which we make decisions and build products. Creativity can and should be a process, not some inexplicable phenomenon by which great companies are built.  

Why are we doing it this way? In the most shorthand of terms, we believe there are too few people in too few places getting to work on too few types of problems. This is not to say we’ll work on anything. We have rigorous criteria for what makes an All Turtles product:

  1. It must solve a real, present problem (and not a potential future problem).
  2. It must have expert founders.
  3. It must have a strong chance of being inherently profitable.
  4. It must leverage newly built platforms to get to market in 12-18 months—for the first time ever—because of recent advances in technology.

There are other places to go on this site to learn more about how we work and why we chose to to do it this way (and, please, do get in touch if you want to learn more).

But the purpose of this post is to show off some of what we’re working on. So, without further adieu, meet the All Turtles products (the ones we can share, at least):

Search across your work apps with a Slack bot to find what you need, when you need it (*Acquired by Box, Inc. July 2018)


Celebrate great work and company values when and where it happens to build a strong work culture.


Learn English and prep for the TOEIC or TOEFL with AI and professional tutors.


Create your very own AI friend for social interaction and therapeutic activities.


Increase your Shopify and ecommerce revenue with a customizable Messenger bot.


Face the headlines feeling grounded — an experiment in news therapy.


Get quick, accurate estimates for accident and disaster repair from user photos.


Detect vital elder care activities like sleep, walking, and falls with a non-invasive AI sensor and precision radar.


Learn Spanish and Arabic online through lessons and conversation with refugee tutors.


Manage prepaid mobile accounts for the 4 Billion-person prepaid market. Customers can use messenger apps to access their accounts, top up phone plans, share data, and more. Telcos can offer targeted prepaid promotions. Augie Fabela, the company’s CEO,  co-founded mobile carrier VEON, took it public, and grew it into one of the world’s largest telco companies.


Talk through inappropriate behavior at work the best possible way, without ever speaking to a human. HR can follow up even when reports are anonymous.


Know what’s happening around your home with outdoor sensors and a fully autonomous drone. The company’s founder, Alex Pachikov, was on Evernote’s founding team.


As a company, we strive to be clear, broad-minded, and rigorously optimistic about the future and how we can impact it. These are our values. They are aspirational; if they’re never challenged and we don’t fail somewhere along the way, we’ll know we didn’t set the bar high enough. Building our company this way and operating this way is ambitious—as are the problems and products we’re working on above. We’re eager to show you more.