Jessica Collier joins Spot as CEO

We have some exciting news to share: Jessica Collier, All Turtles’ cofounder and VP of Product, will be joining the Spot team as CEO!

We built Spot to give people a safe way to document harassment or discrimination at work and companies a reliable way to follow up—even when reports are anonymous. As someone who’s deeply invested in the problem, Jessica has worked alongside the product co-founders since Spot’s inception. Jessica will continue to contribute to leadership and strategy as cofounder at All Turtles while transitioning out of her product role to focus exclusively on Spot.

In the last 18 months, Spot has gone from the germ of an idea to a fully functional enterprise product. We reached a milestone in October 2018, when the enterprise offering launched in beta. The market responded with enthusiasm, and we quickly realized it was time to build out a larger team to support the growing demand. We’re doubling down, bringing on a CEO as well as several design and business roles, including a full-stack designer and head of sales and marketing.

Why focus on this problem? “Most harassment and discrimination goes unrecognized because we don’t have effective systems that encourage people to speak up and then protect them when they do,” said Jessica. “That status quo takes an enormous toll on employee wellbeing and negatively affects professional development. Our mission with Spot is to empower leaders to create safer, more inclusive workplaces by facilitating conversations around unfair treatment and inappropriate behavior. We’re starting with anonymous reporting and follow-up, but we see other potential applications as well.”

Spot’s growth is the first true test of the All Turtles model. We bring in experts who are passionate about a particular problem and work hand in hand to build impactful products that help solve it. When a product resonates with the market—as in the case of Spot—we build out a dedicated team, often pulling in All Turtles staff and continuing to play a big part in developing and selling the product.

We’re excited to see Spot continue to thrive under Jessica’s leadership and deliver on its promise of making workplaces a safer, more inclusive place.

– The All Turtles Team