Accessibility, angels, and AI reports (Issue 53)

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AI for anyone

If the design and creation of AI is to become more inclusive, the tools for learning how the technology works need to become more accessible. Enter, whose goal is making deep learning tools comprehensible and usable for all. They aim to debunk the myth that AI is reserved for only the most elite members of the tech community. To do so, provides tools and courses that anyone with basic coding skills can take to get involved in shaping the future of AI.

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Make a deal with an angel

Jason Calacanis, angel investor, joins the All Turtles Podcast for a two-part interview. As an early investor in companies like Uber and Robinhood, Jason shares his insights for achieving startup success. He explains why a company’s brand is so important from its beginning stages, and delivers a hot take on VC culture today. He also gives his opinion on what the number one killer of startups is, and mulls over the following equation: 1 idea + 1 good idea = zero good ideas. Both part 1 and part 2 of the interview are available for listening.

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State of the union

‘Tis the season for 2018 retrospectives and 2019 projections, so the AI Now Institute published a report on the role AI played in the world this year, and made recommendations for how to develop AI in the future. The report acknowledges the slew of scandals that AI helped to usher in throughout 2018, such as Cambridge Analytica, and asks who is accountable. Hopefully in 2019, developers and governing bodies will move away from the harmful practices we saw this year; may auld acquaintance be forgot, indeed.

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Here comes the sun(flower)

An All Turtles product team, Sunflower Labs, has developed a suite of home security products to smartly safeguard residences. Their package includes a self-piloting drone, which they call a “Bee,” and the station upon which it docks, or the “Hive.” They’ve also created set of “Sunflowers,” which are sensors that look like simple garden lights that can detect motion and send alerts about intruders. It’s the dawn of a new era for home security.

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Relationship reboot

Foraying into the world of dating apps can be fraught with peril, but Vibes is a new dating app hoping to completely overhaul the swiping game. To do so, they ask that all users agree to a code of conduct in order to limit any disrespectful in-app interactions. They also restrict the ways in which people can filter out potential matches to prevent user-perpetuated discrimination. Finally, their chat function involves video messages so users aren’t only relying on texts when sussing out the other person’s “vibes.”

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