Diversity, design, directors, and Disco (Issue 51)

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Diversity in decision-making

A spotlight has been turned toward Silicon Valley’s ethics as news stories like Facebook’s data breaches and Google’s Pentagon contracts make headlines. Bärí Williams, VP of business affairs at All Turtles, noticed that there was one element largely missing from the solutions tech companies posed for these ethical quandaries: diversity. Had there been diverse groups in the rooms making decisions about data privacy and other issues, they may have been able to point out how those choices would affect marginalized communities. Diversity must be part of the solution when solving for ethics problems.

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A picture worth a thousand words

Type “AI” or “artificial intelligence” into Google image search, and you’ll notice a pattern: all of the top results portray some combination of circuit board-inspired geometry in a blue hue, sometimes with a robotic-looking head in the mix. The images themselves explain almost nothing about what AI actually is, and, even worse, may perpetuate the idea that AI is beyond human understanding. Challenge to designers: if AI is to be incorporated into people’s everyday lives, can the images that portray it look more approachable?

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Get on board

As a board member for public companies like Symantec, ServiceNow, and Pure Storage, Anita Sands has a wealth of knowledge on advising large organizations’ success. She also knows how to pivot: she earned her PhD in atomic and molecular physics, then moved into working in finance, and then built a career in tech. Serving on the boards of public companies has given her ideas for how AI could, in the future, help give boards useful insights to make key decisions for companies.

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Employee engagement edification

As any business leader knows, a company’s success depends on the work of the employees, and for employees to do good work, they need to be engaged. Maintaining the energy, motivation, and connections that a company’s hires have to their work and to the team can be a challenge, but Condé Nast has insights and best practices they’re sharing in an upcoming webinar about empowering people to drive culture change. Justin Vandehey, cofounder of the All Turtles product Disco, will be featured in the webinar to speak about how to implement lean startup practices into an employee engagement strategy.

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Fish food

To round out our five-part series of articles tracing the ways in which technology is implemented in ocean conservation and fishing practices, this final installment details the last step in the journey from sea to table: the serving of fish for consumption. Today, the amount of fish that is eaten equals the amount that is thrown away. To reduce waste, students from the Technical University of Denmark teamed up with SmellDect to develop Fishent, sensitive electronic nose that performs a “sniff test” to provide consumers more accurate expiration dates so they’re less inclined to throw edible fish away.

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