Podcast Debut: Launch of the Unscaled Series

This is an image of Hemant Taneja and his book, Unscaled.

In the age of AI, the way that businesses scale has been flipped on its head. Charting this new terrain, General Catalyst’s Hemant Taneja and Ronda Scott joined All Turtles CEO Phil Libin to record the Unscaled Series. These eight episodes of the All Turtles Podcast will delve into the details of how this shift occurred, why it’s worth the attention of entrepreneurs and founders, and how companies and product teams can build upon the new “unscaled” model for making an impact.

The inspiration for the series springs from Hemant’s book Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future. The book provides a touchstone from which Hemant, Ronda, and Phil construct new insights and ideas on the subject.

Each episode will follow the hosts’ search for answers to a series of questions about the current and future status of product creators taking on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Google. To start: What happened in the internet’s shift from the starry-eyed hopes of its original pioneers to the modern plagues on the web today? And how can entrepreneurs account for them?

Episode 1 is available now here, and episode 2 will launch on Thursday. Check the series page for the remaining episodes that will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of September.