Congratulations to the team on their move to Box

This photo shows the team from, an All Turtles product, is joining forces with Box to bring intelligent search to the enterprise.

We’re beyond excited to announce that, an All Turtles product, is joining forces with Box to bring intelligent search to the enterprise.

I caught up with Cofounder and CEO, Jack Hirsch, to get into the details of how the deal came to be. He shared those insights on the All Turtles Podcast.

As a quick refresher, was built to be a platform to help people find documents easily. The modern knowledge worker uses umpteen tools, and Butter wanted to create one universal interface for finding files and documents wherever they are. The idea was to find what you need, whenever you needed it, and to be your best self*.

Butter’s origins

Jack and his cofounders, Juan Carlos Perez, Jordan Knox, Danial Jaffry, and Adam Walz started working on this problem about two years ago. Jack told me, “Despite my best efforts, people used tools other than Evernote. Right now, I’m sitting in front of a podcast app in Firefox, with Slack, Chrome, Skitch, Box, and various messengers going simultaneously. There’s no single way to access all the data I need across the platforms I use.”

Butter initially launched as a chatbot in Slack and achieved some scale. But they weren’t seeing super strong engagement metrics to sustain a long-term independent company on one platform. As it turns out, Slack is mainly a communication platform and not a way to find documents. But Jack and his cofounders knew they had something strategically valuable, especially when cold acquisition offers started floating in. (Again, we shared Jack’s story on a bonus episode of the All Turtles Podcast, where he describes the highs and lows of Butter’s journey, and more importantly, how to successfully navigate an acquisition when you’ve built something that solves a real problem.)

Butter joins Box

In an announcement on Box blog, Box Chief Product Officer Jeetu Patel wrote, “The team from will help Box to bring more intelligence to our search capabilities, enabling Box’s 85,000 customers to more easily navigate through their unstructured information — making searching for files in Box more contextualized, predictive, and personalized.” And because Box’s product strategy is to build something enterprise-grade, bring more content onto Box, and add context and intelligence to that content, Butter is a perfect strategic fit for that product mission.

Jack echoed that sentiment with me, saying, “Information is the currency and Box’s customers all over the world [need] secure access to their information. Those customers are all looking for their files and documents—I couldn’t imagine a better fit.”

The team will be joining Box to help execute that product vision to enable customers to more easily navigate through their unstructured content. We’re happy to have been a part of developing that vision at All Turtles. We wish them the best!

*usually not a tech product’s responsibility
This is a cartoon of Jack Hirsch popping out of a Jack-in-the-Box labeled with Box's logo, and Jack is holding a stick of butter.

Jack in the Box. (Image Credit: Carlos Rocafort IV, All Turtles)