Faulty facial recognition, fast food, & flirting (Issue 34)

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About face

GDPR passed last month, which may have caused you some temporary annoyance when opening your thousandth email from companies updating their privacy policies, but it was a big win for consumers. GDPR’s protection of user privacy set a new standard for regulations of technology, the likes of which is much-needed in the realm of facial recognition. As more companies implement facial recognition in their operations, a standard set of regulations would ensure that this tool is implemented appropriately and ethically.

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Secret Ingredient: AI

Walking into a burger joint, you might not expect to see sleek-looking robots staffing the kitchen, but that’s what customers will find at Creator. It’s a new San Francisco-based restaurant that uses AI-powered robots to build burgers that patrons can customize from an app on their phones. It’s one of many recent innovations in the “smart food” market, and it just may have the recipe for success.

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American in Paris

Another day in Paris, another day in Paradise. Our hosts speak with Christine Foote, cofounder and COO of Leaders, an All Turtles product that matches event organizers with speakers. Foote describes the challenges of broadening the pool of speakers to increase diversity and range of viewpoints, and expanding the types of events where speakers might appear. Part of All Turtles Paris and based at Station F, Leaders makes finding speakers with both expertise and availability seamless for event organizers.

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Love in the time of algorithms

Whether you love them or hate them, dating apps are here to stay, with matchmaking companies banking on the idea that someday finding a soulmate will truly be as simple as a few swipes. The latest to try their hand at this concept is CoupleNet, which used AI to analyze the Twitter accounts of its users and determine how compatible two people would be. It is, in part, an aim to present potential partners as they really are beyond carefully curated dating profiles. Whether or not someone’s Twitter account is a more accurate representation of their personality remains to be seen.

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Do you mind?

“Mindfulness”: buzzword or meaningfully different approach to life — and work? At Aetna, early results of pre-meeting meditations led to a $3,000 productivity increase per employee. Maybe it’s worth the buzz. Entrepreneurs who are building their businesses must consider the kind of company culture they are fostering. Keeping mindfulness, well, in mind can nurture the kind of collaborative environment conducive to positive productivity.

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Feedback loop

Rule of Three: Customer Feedback

In this episode of our new video series Rule of Three, Phil Libin, Co-Founder and CEO of All Turtles, provides tripartite advice on how to make the most of customer feedback. He breaks feedback down into three types — complaints, suggestions, and praise — and describes how to process each.

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